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6 head cauliflower (cured & washed)
½ cup cho-cho, diced
1 small potato cut in any style
1 carrot cut in any style
½ dozen string beans, French cut
Benjamins Almond Flavouring, to taste
Benjamins Strawberry flavouring, to taste
Benjamins Lemon Flavouring, to taste
Benjamins Red Colouring
Benjamins Green Colouring
½ cup waters

Repeat Methods 1 & 2 for each vegetable
1. Wash all vegetables, place in a saucepan and simmer. Do not overcook.
Strain and place in ice water to retain colour.
2. In separate bowls prepare mixture of 1-2 tablespoons sugar and ½ cup water, and add a vegetable to each bowl.
3. In bowl with cauliflower, add Benjamins Strawberry Flavouring and Benjamins
Red Colouring.
4. In bowl with chocho, add Benjamins Green Colouring.
5. Add Benjamins Lemon Flavouring to string beans
6. Add Benjamins Almond Flavouring to bowl with potatoes and bowl with carrots.
Cover all bowls and let stand 2-3 hours.