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    In the 1870s, Percival Austin Benjamins, a young Jamaican, parlayed his keen interest in the popular Jamaican practice of using bush teas, herbal medicines and self-medication into what is the oldest drug manufacturing company in Jamaica.
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P.A. Benjamins Today

P.A. Benjamins (PAB), has achieved the status of being the oldest drug manufacturing company in Jamaica having celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2004.The company has established an international reputation over the years and lives true to its adage 'A trusted name for over a century'.

The company is now privately owned having been acquired from the ICD Group in 2000.

Benjamins is an ISO recognized entity, having achieved this status in recognition of the company's adherence to known international management standards, in the manufacturing of products for the market.

A truly diversified company, PAB, is manufacturers of high quality Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care, Cough and Cold, Infant Care, Flavourings & Colourings, Savouries, Bath and Body care products under the Body Collections brand, and laundry and household cleaning products.

All products manufactured at the Company's factory are made to conform to British Pharmacopoeia Standards (BSP), United States Pharmacopoeia Standards (USP) and in house standards. PAB has an established laboratory capable of performing microbiological analytical tests, and currently conducts approximately 80% of product testing activity in-house.

The Benjamins brands are currently marketed in over twenty countries, including North America, Canada, United Kingdom and the Caribbean and export sales now account for approximately 30% of total sales.

Increased emphasis has been placed on the export potential for Benjamins products, and to this end greater effort has been directed at streamlining the distribution and marketing efforts of distributors in the overseas markets. The company is now a self-sufficient foreign exchange earner.

The Company operates in a highly competitive market comprised of both locally manufactured and imported products. Market surveys of the local market indicate that the Company's core products i.e. Vanilla, Rubbing Alcohol and Olive Oil are the dominant players in their respective categories. These products have been an integral part of Jamaican households for years, both locally and abroad.

Benjamins has embarked on a very aggressive new products development programme to complement several of the already established products, and also to venture into new product areas in synergy with the company's capabilities. To this end the company has recently added Jerk Seasoning and Jerk Barbeque Sauce , products, and has also expanded the Flavouring line to include Cinnamon Extract, Nutmeg Extract, Anise Extract and a liquid Mixed Spice.

The new product development efforts are ongoing with emphasis being placed on the expansion of the pharmaceutical range of products. To this end PAB introduced to market an extensive range of Cough and Cold products namely, Benjamins Sinus Elixir, Flu Relief, Cough & Cold and HoneyTime.

Over the years the company has been the beneficiary of several awards for excellence from the Jamaica Manufacturers Association, Jamaica Exporters Association, Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, PSOJ and the Bureau of Standards.